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Okay, I know this may be last week’s news but Tucker Carlson thinks Michael Vick should be executed. Carlson should be arrested given the likelihood of Fox News viewers to carry out violent attacks.

If Michael Vick should be executed and given the same treatment that he gave the dogs, shouldn’t Peyton Manning and his brother Eli be shot like the deers they shoot when they go deer hunting? What about Dick Cheney? Should he be executed by firing squads like the poor birds he was shooting at when he shot his friend in the face?

What about Tucker Carlson’s fellow Fox News host Mike Huckabee? His son was charged with torturing and murdering a stray dog. Should young Huckabee be tortured and murdered too? What does Tucker Carlson have to say about that.

What about his other fellow Fox News host, Karl Rove who hunts doves, the international symbol of peace for fun during his off time. Should he be shot for killing harmless animals?

I’m not going to defend Michael Vick’s dogfighting, but he did his time and has repented. In many urban areas, pitbulls are used as a form of protection against burglars and robbers. They are trained and bred to be fierce and at times deadly. Many people who train and fight pits have a close relationships with those animals not unlike trainers who train boxers or jockeys or animal trainers.

It is true that some dogs who were injured in battle were electrocuted but how is that different than horse trainers who kill horses after the horses are injured in races According to PETA thousands of Greyhound dogs are killed as puppies in the name of “selective breeding” but the Greyhound industry hasn’t faced close to the criticism that Vick has.

The fact that PETA and others choose to go after Michael Vick is another way Black people are used as scapegoats for national problems. America is built on the killing of animals, from the clothes we wear to the food we eat. Hunting is still legal in several states, not so people can feed their families, but so a small group of people can amuse themselves by killing animals. The beef, chicken, pork, leather and dairy industries are all based on the killing and abuse of animals.

How is taking animals bred to fight and fighting them worse than shooting innocent animals for fun? How come PETA never criticizes squeaky clean All-American Quarterback Peyton Manning for his execution of deers but vilifies Michael Vick at every opportunity, despite everything he has done to repent? If Tucker Carlson is going to call for Vick’s execution shouldn’t he call for the execution of the Manning Brothers, and Fox News favorites Cheney and Rove?


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