The differences in culture leaves lots of space for misinterpretation. Usain Bolt’s fun trip to Trinidad for Carnival is sparking some American misinterpretation. The misinterpretation…

Trinidad James sneaker head interview before his hit single “All Gold Everything.” In this video he revealed his rap name was actually “Nick James”


The top hip-hop songs of 2013 are a diverse bunch of tunes. The list of the year’s biggest rap hits so far includes everyone from…

Philly’s Hottest DJ, DJ Damage, Catches up with new rap sensation Trinidad James to talk about fashion. Trinidad James gives advice to up and coming clothing brands, expresses his thoughts on rappers Slutting out Gold , and gets personal with his love for foot wear.

Trinidad James Gives his fans a sneak peak of a few of his sneakers on his tour.

The Trinidian government is under fire for spending over $869,000 in Trinidian currency ($140,000 US) to put on a Nicki Minaj concert last month.