We all have those albums that we heard in our youth that made us look at the world around us completely differently than we did before. In this edition of the Trending Topics, Ed Lover found the perfect hashtag trending on twitter, that everyone will surely have something amazing to contribute to: #3AlbumsThatChangedMyLife. Click on […]

In this edition of the Trending Topics, Ed Lover found something compelling trending on twitter: #AskTrump1Question. If you were at a press conference, and you could ask Donald Trump one question, what would you say? While it’s certainly hard to pick just one, the Ed Lover Show cast certainly managed to pick some good ones […]

In this edition of the trending topics, the morning show cast goes in on what is perhaps the funniest hashtag they’ve ever chosen! Using the hilarious hashtag, #NameYourPrivatePartsAfterHipHopSongs, they pick some hip-hop songs that they would use to name their nether-regions. Needless to say, the picks get creative, strange, and hilarious! Click on the audio […]

In today’s edition of the trending topics, Ed Lover found the twitter perfect hashtag for the morning show cast to go in on. Using the hashtag, #MyAlibiWillbe, Ed, Monie Love & the rest of the crew came up with the funniest excuses for just about anything! The responses get so creative, you don’t even see […]