April 2 was Autism Awareness Day, an internationally recognized holiday put in place to raise awareness about those dealing with autism throughout the world. Last year, Majic 107.5’s Maria More sat down with Tisha Campbell-Martin for an exclusive interview, during which the actress—whose son was diagnosed with autism—shared ways to support children dealing with the developmental disorder. “As […]

Ed Lover Show

Tisha Campbell-Martin hung out with The Ed Lover Show cast! She discusses how she balances her roles as a wife, mother, actress and singer. She discusses her return back to the world of music and when her album will come out. Plus, she explains why she doesn’t dim her shine on set when it makes people uncomfortable. […]

Gabrielle Union stirred up some hate while celebrating the sisterhood she’s built up around herself in Hollywood. As a former Mean Girl, the Think Like…

Actress Tisha Campbell-Martin, best known for her role on the hit comedy sitcom “Martin” is battling a life-threatening health crisis after being diagnosed with Stage 2 sarcoidosis earlier this year. ESSENCE.com caught up with Campbell-Martin to talk family, yogurt and healthy living and Tisha revealed her illness: ESSENCE.com: It’s safe to say that you’re focused […]