The final season of the VH1 reality show foreshadows trouble in the couple's paradise.

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Tiny has confirmed that she and T.I. are having baby no. 7!

Have T.I. and Tiny rekindled their love on the latest season of "Family Hustle?" Find out if Tip wants that old thing back in the Season 5 supertrailer.

Boom Moment In Hip-Hop: T.I. Reports To Federal Prison (2009) It was a tough day in the T.I. household on this day in 2009, when he was scheduled to report to an Arkansas federal prison on this date 6 years ago. He was sentenced to one year and a day for felony weapon charges. At the […]

Big ups to T.I., Labor Day weekend will be a busy one for him! The premiere of th 2nd season of “The Family Hustle” will be September 3rd and the very next day T.I. will release his new album “The Trouble Man” on September 4th.

T.I. may have a long and bright future ahead of him as a reality TV star now that his show “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” has drawn big ratings for VH1. The reality show featuring Tip and his family premiered online a few days early, and was seen by 4.3 million viewers at 9 […]