Monie Love gives up “The Early Morning Evening News” about Ted Cruz being boo’d for not endorsing Donald Trump during his speech. A letter was released from the Trump campaign about a staffer coming forward to take ownership of stealing Michelle Obama’s speech for Melania Trump. Lastly, a California baker is making cupcakes that resemble […]

Shanti Das hip-hop professional talks to “The Ed Lover Show” about her career. Das went to Syracuse University and while in college interned at Capitol Records where she got the opportunity to work with different artist. After graduating from college she was offered a job from someone she knew from Capitol Records. Das became the […]

Joseph Sikora from the hit show “Power” talked to “The Ed Lover Show” about how this is the best season yet. He mentioned many thought the storyline wasn’t going to last and people felt it was going to be predictable but it isn’t. The theme is “Ghost Must Die” this season, but ‘Ghost’ as well […]

Keith Sweat talked about his upcoming album and syndicated radio show with “The Ed Lover Show.” Sweat believes he got a lot of his hustle from growing up in New York and that’s where he met Teddy Riley. They recorded “Make It Last Forever” the pre-production in the St. Nick projects. Sweat explained that years […]

Monie Love dishes the news about Bernie Sanders endorsing Hillary Clinton for President. Lyfe Jennings and David Banner get into a heated debate at the town hall meeting about whether police officers should receive physical or financial consequences for bad behavior. According to Love, Tyrese had to break it up. Kobe Bryant is expecting his […]

“The Ed Lover Show” talked about the ‘Top 5’ things they hated about the VH1 Hip Hop Honors. Monie Love mentioned that Amber Rose isn’t a journalist so they shouldn’t have her on the red carpet and she hated the fact she got emotional at the show. Ed Lover mentioned he didn’t like the fact […]

“The Ed Lover Show” went around the room to talk about the recent Hip Hop Honors. They listed things that never need to happen again as well as changes that must be made including never having Amber Rose involved in any hip hop show, having someone else perform Biggie’s parts on songs and so much […]

“The Ed Lover Show” did a group C’Mon Son which talked about topics such as Rudy Giuliani’s comments about black people, law enforcement that doesn’t understand peaceful protest and ladies that love black men, but never say anything about Black Lives Matter. Listen to “The Ed Lover Show” live weekdays from 6-10am EST. RELATED: East Baton […]

Ed Lover discusses the upcoming election, Prince’s jacket and shirt being auctioned off, as well as Kevin Durant leaving OKC. They compared Kevin Durant leaving OKC to a woman leaving her man after years of not getting an engagement ring. Durant wants his ring! Listen to the Ed Lover Show weekdays from 6-10am EST. RELATED: Bag […]

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