Trick Daddy is the latest artist to run into trouble with the IRS, as the Miami rapper owes over a hundred thousand dollars to the government.

Time is winding down, but if you are proactive instead of reactive, it’s not too late to take advantage of a few tax tips that can save you big bucks on your 2010 tax return! Any tax professional will tell you that the most beneficial tax preparation won’t take place in April; it begins in […]

Wesley Snipes is finally in federal custody after trying to get his 3-year sentence for tax evasion delayed until after the holidays.

Doug E Fresh is the latest entertainer to find themselves in the sights of the IRS.

Actor Wesley Snipes talks to CNN’s Larry King about how the media has misreported facts about his case. Snipes has been sentenced to three years in prison for not paying taxes and reports to jail on Thursday. “I would say that I relied on the advice of those who I consider professionals,” Wesley Snipes told […]

Unfortunately for Kelly Rowland, compliments from Kanye West don’t pay the taxman.

Young Buck is breathing a sigh of relief after the IRS canceled an auction of his possessions that were seized during a raid on his home earlier this year.

Former B2K star Omarion owes $110,585 in federal taxes to the IRS. The Detroit News' Tax Watchdog put the "Ice Box" singer on blast detailing his federal debts.

Beanie Sigel is being charged with tax fraud in his home state of Pennyslvania.

Young Buck got a special visit from the Feds at his home in Tennessee today.

Chris Tucker might want to hire a new financial adviser.