Amber Rose dealt with her relationship issues just like any other bad b*tch would.

YG's head tattoo — $co (@CiscoSavage) October 19, 2015 We’ve seen a ton of head tattoos in our days of keeping up with hip hop, and now it looks like YG is next up. The My Krazy Life rapper appears to have gotten some new ink, after a photo of that appears to be him sporting […]

This definitely goes in the record books for one of the craziest tattoos! An 18 year old Norway man, got the tattoo after his friends said he was “too active with the ladies.” Watch the video below

Man I hope this is not a real tat. I guess the good thing is that no one can see this ish unless she shows it off. I mean I understand lip tats but, you get one of an emoji?! You can do whatever you want when you have money lol.

The passing of world leader Nelson Mandela has effected the world in various ways. While some have chosen to grieve by shedding tears and posting…

  I worry about the young people growing up nowadays. A fan of the rap group The Clipse got a tattoo of the group’s clothing…

Amber Rose sure loves her boo Wiz Khalifa. Look at this artwork she recently had done on her arm LIKE Us On Facebook HOT 107.9 Philly   Via her instagram @muvarosebud She also had a tat done of her mom   Both tattoos were done by @bobby_serna

West Coast web star Kid Ink sits down with Philly’s DJ Damage and discussing the origin of the face tattoo trend, tells artist that they dont need radio to create buzz, and offers advice to up and coming clothing brands.

  Stripper in Washington, DC was fired for having an undesirable tattoo” She has the word LOVE spelled out in weaponry LIKE Us On Facebook HOT 107.9 Philly Talayna Clements aka “Casey” is suing Stadium Club, Casey also claims that she was denied minimum wage and was sexually harassed on the job. After being fired […]

In this week’s episode of ratchet-piece theater, rapper Lil Wayne has shown his love for the sport of skateboarding in a very permanent way. Weezy…

I’ve met Wiz & dude kinda looks like him but he’s needs to be like an entire foot taller! Also homie needs just about 20 to 30 more tattoo’s! SMH…. YOU ARE NOT SNOOP DOGG!