Good thing Travis Scott made a lot of money during his recent Astroworld tour cause he lost a lawsuit for not appearing for an event during last year’s Super Bowl. Entertainment event company PJAM was awarded $382,932.79 due to Travis skipping out on the event, a source says Travis missed the event due to “weather […]


Back in February, Jonathan Tuck was murdered in New York where it seemed like a drug deal gone wrong. Tuck is the brother of Nicole Tuck, DJ Khaled’s fiance. After investigation and talk with close friends, Tuck was just at the wrong place wrong time. After visiting a Super Bowl party 5 men attempted to […]

This edition of C'Mon Son is dedicated almost entirely to the Super Bowl.

Entertainment News

It’s been a rough year for Carolina Panthers superstar Cam Newton. After losing the Super Bowl, which many thought he was a shoo-in to win, he found himself in a whirlwind of controversy regarding his comments about the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as his thoughts on fellow football player Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem […]

During a concert in L.A., Adele revealed to a crowd of thousands of fans that she had been offered the coveted halftime performance slot at the 2017 NFL super bowl game. She also revealed, however, that she turned it down, because “that show’s not about music,” she said about the annual national broadcast. Typically, halftime […]

Kanye West fans sometimes go harder for Kanye than Kanye goes for Kanye.

Adele for the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show? Yes, please.

It's no secret that closeted racists around America are pissed at Beyonce for her empowering Super Bowl performance.

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Beyonce's Super Bowl Sunday performance of "Formation" left the world in either shock or awe, depending who you are. But many White feminists seemed to feel merely left out. Empire star Taraji P. Henson was lit during Super Bowl 50, enjoying the game, the halftime performance, and live tweeting throughout the whole thing. She was excited to see the show, but it was clear she only showed up for Beyonce. Afterwards, Taraji made a mistake by tweeting a shout-out to Maroon 5, even though […]