After a fury of backlash on twitter, Stacey Dash sat down with Piers Morgan on CNN to explain why she tweeted her support for Mitt…

I guess you can say that Stacey Dash’s twitter followers aren’t very found of her political preference for President. When Stacey Dash tweeted her support…

Men’s Health magazine has a lot of people wondering what they serve in the punch bowl during their office holiday parties after naming Jennifer Aniston the sexiest woman of all time. We don’t know what criteria they were using but if getting curbed by Bratt Pitt for Angelina Jolie qualifies as sexy then oh well. […]

The cast of VH1's "Single Ladies" has someone new to replace Stacey Dash!!

I have to admit, I was very sad when I learned Stacey Dash was not returning to my favorite show, VH1’s “Single Ladies”.  But as you know in show business the show must go on!!! Here are the details to the newest cast member to the show! 28 year-old Denise Vasi is not doing Stacey’s […]

Many people were unaware that Stacey Dash was married, but millions learned that she was single after it was reported yesterday (September 30th) that her divorce was finalized. Now that she’s not married, Stacey Dash can really focus on her career, which may be good a idea since she lost a really good part. Getting […]

If you’re a man and you think you have a chance to get with Stacey Dash, then you’re in luck…Stacey is officially divorced from her husband. According to TMZ, a judge has finally granted her divorce from actor Emmanuel Xuereb, the man she claims beat her up on multiple occasions. Dash filed for divorce in […]

Meagan Good would be such a good replacement for Stacey Dash on “Single Ladies,” but despite the rumors, Meagan will not be joining the VH1 show. According to, Meagan has no desire to commit to “Single Ladies” for a full-time basis, and she has another big project in development. Get the rest of the […]

Despite the rumors, Meagan Good will not be joining the VH1 show. Here's why...

The internet was out of control yesterday after hearing that Meagan Good may be replacing Stacey Dash on VH1’s “Single Ladies.” Meagan is putting a stop to the rumors, as she told Global Grind that she has not been contacted to be a part of the show. Meagan told the site: “They haven’t contacted me..and […]

Word on the street is that Meagan Good is replacing Stacey Dash on VH1′ “Single Ladies.”  Meagan, is known for her roles on the big screen (Eve’s Bayou, Stomp the Yard, Jumping the Broom) and recently appeared on BET’s ‘The Game.’ I didn’t even have Meagan on my list of who could replace Stacey. Let […]