South Carolina

A confederate flag was spotted flying next to a South Carolina NCAA tournament arena.

was abducted as a newborn from a Jacksonville hospital in 1998.

Church officials gave the families of the victims $1.5 million, but are retaining $1.8 million for building maintenance, memorials and scholarships.

Resource officers are commonly trained by police, with each department setting their own standards of force towards students.

Man Arrested for Calling 911 Because Girlfriend Wouldn't Hookup: Patrick Doggett of Spartanburg, SC, was arres… — Elida Gorny (@ElidaGorny) October 7, 2015 A…

Images of Twitty in court went viral when it was noted that the gorgeous 25-year-old made history in her small Southern town.

The KKK and a Pro-Black group in the same vicinity led to clashes when their rallies overlapped. Somebody had to see this coming.

This is definitely going to be a sight but everybody has a right to protest.

The debate in South Carolina on whether or not to keep the Confederate flag visible to the public on state grounds has finally come to an end.

A federal law enforcement says the fire was not arson, yet there are concerns that the church was racially targeted.

Hip-hop mogul Russel Simmons recently stopped pass a local New York radio station to comment on the tragic shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. Russel Simmons shared his thoughts on Donald Trump, Mayor De Blasio, and the racial and economic divide America faces today. During the interview, he also discusses the racial concerns during the Run DMC […]