Somaya Reece

Talk about a transformation! Now I see why we did not see much of Somaya Reece in the final episodes of Love and Hip Hop, she was workingg on her new hot body! Go Girl! Look at the pictures below. Let’s start off with Somaya as you know her Somaya with her hot new body […]

Love & Hip Hop star has surgery because her breast were too big!!! The 40E cups have been reduced…

Video model Erica Mena was the catalyst for a lot of the  dram on this past season of Love and Hip Hop. We were introduced to her when she ot brolic with Kimbella and then called the cops when Kimbella scratched her in the face. Recently, Erica did an interview where she played a game of […]

In the past few episodes of Love & Hip Hop, fans have commented how arrogant Olivia seems on the show. Her head isn’t the only one too big to walk through a door. Somaya Reece’s ego has become quite inflated despite her appearing in two out of ten episodes this season. Recently, Reece tried to […]

Somaya Reece has nothing to prove to you all. Even though she’s been pursuing music for years, the world finally got more than a double dose of her on VH1’s “Love And Hip Hop” reality show.  While the episodes painted her as somewhat of a wannabe, she has lot more experience in entertainment than most […]

Check out Olivia from the show “Love & Hip Hop” talking about the reunion show with Kendra G. Also, her manager Rich Dollaz explains why he went of on Somaya! Plus, hear Olivia respond to Kendra’s questions about her relationship with Darrelle Revis and the situation with Jim Jones’ mother Mama Jones. RELATED: Olivia Reveals “Love […]

Anxious Love & Hip Hop fans tuned-in to Vh1 last night to watch Angie Martinez host a tension filled reunion with Emily B., Somaya Reece, Olivia and Chrissy, who all met all together for the first time since viewing all the episodes of the popular reality show. Somaya Reece and Chrissy Lampkin’s beef was the […]

It’s over already! The reality show, “Love & Hip Hop” has its first season finale tonight. The seven part season had its ups and downs. While some relationships flourished, others decayed. In between all of the craziness, here’s what we learned from watching. 1. Talking slick has consequences. Somaya Reece speaks a lot about her […]

Mediatakeout dusted off their old VHS collection and found a B-movie starring “Love And Hip-Hop’s” Somaya Reece going topless. The video vixen turned aspiring rapper played one of the  good-time girls named Luci in a wrestling flick called Slammed.  CLICK HERE FOR THE PHOTOS It’s ironic that she was in a wrestling movie because her […]

Jim Jones’ partner Chrissy and Fabolous’ baby-mother Emily B. visited The Breakfast Club to talk about Love & Hip Hop, Somaya Reece, and Jim Jones. Emily B denied rumors about dating corner back Darelle Revis and Chrissy discusses sending Jim Jones and his goons after Somaya Reeces’ manager. To her defense, I agree with her […]

Fabolous’ baby mother Emily set up an all-girls day on a yacht with Olivia, Somaya Reece and Chrissy. This comes after Jim Jones told Somaya that he couldn’t work with her because he had more important projects, like his album to finish. While Emily explained to Chrissy why Somaya was invited to a usually peaceful […]