A memorabilia company named Moments in Time is a selling the famous medallion that Tupac was wearing when he was shot during a 1994 visit to New York City. The medallion was dented by the bullet during the shooting (which Tupac ultimately survived), and now it’s being sold for a shiny six-figure price. While the […]

The NBA player was shot to death by a neighbor following an argument with his girlfriend

UPDATE : Thursday, May 26 – 12:52 A.M. EST  Early reports claimed Troy Ave’s camp was responsible for the shooting, but a member of Troy Ave’s camp says the Brooklyn rapper was a victim, not a culprit. Karen Civil reports that Troy Ave’s management has confirmed a bullet grazed his leg. Specific details surrounding his condition are vague, […]

Time flies when you're making a film about one of the greatest rappers ever.

Very sad news coming out of Atlanta. Rapper  Bankroll Fresh was reportedly shot and killed outside an Atlanta studio tonight. Best known for his single “Hot Boy,” the rising Atlanta rapper was signed to 2 Chainz’ Street Exec Record label. There aren’t many details surrounding Bankroll Fresh’s untimely death, but he was scheduled to make a […]

According to TMZ, 4 people were shot at Lil Wayne’s Miami mansion. It is unknown if Lil Wayne was home or among the one’s injured. The police were called and reported to the incident, but little other information is known. We will keep you updated.

A 9-month-old baby boy was shot in the head by his five-year-old brother. The children’s devastated mother called 911 around 9 a.m. to her home…

Drama in the pulpit! Very sad news coming out of Lake Charles, LA. It all stated when a former Deacon walked into a revival service and shoot the church’s Pastor, killing him in the middle of a revival service! From According to Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Kim Myers, Woodrow Karey Jr., (pictured above) […]

As much as hip-hop tries to disassociate itself from violence, it can never fully sever ties. Case in point, a young rapper from Miami named…

ATLANTA-Police claim that rapper Slim Dunkin, real name, Mario Hamilton was killed after having a fight over a small piece of candy. According to news reports, Slim Dunkin grabbed a piece of candy out of a man’s hand which led to a fight, which in turn led to the shooting. Slim Dunkin was affiliated with […]

A Florida woman shot her two teenage children dead because they were being ‘mouthy’, police have claimed. Julie Schenecker was found covered in blood on the back porch of her home in Tampa after her mother had called police to say she had gone missing after complaining about her children. Police said the woman, whose […]

Several sites are reporting that Dipset rapper, J.R. Writer, was shot in the Bronx on Saturday.