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Holidays are the perfect season for letting your man know just how special he is to you. This Christmas up the ante and get him gifts that match his personality while matching your fly. And since you’re busy, I’ve scoped out some perfect items to save you time. Is your #MCM looking to update his […]

Check out 10 tips for transitioning to spring in style.

The winter blues got you down? You can't be sad with this style!

A viral video of a woman snatching a vegetable steamer out of a child's hands has circulated the web and has viewers questioning its authenticity.

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As millions of Americans hit stores around the nation, why not use your dollars to support Black-owned businesses?


The proposed Black Friday boycott seeks to, as MLK put it, “redistribute the pain;” that is, call attention to racial injustice by hitting the nation's powers-that-be where it really hurts -- their wallets.

It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but as the holiday season is upon us again, for many it’s the most…

What better way to throw “polite shade” than to go shopping at the competitor of the store that refuses to carry your product. Beyonce just did that in a Massachusetts Walmart LIKE Us On Facebook HOT 107.9 Philly Target has issued a statement stating they refuse to carry Beyonce’s new cd because “At Target we focus on […]

It feels like I just stopped picking candy corn out of my teeth and the holiday wrapping paper, candy canes and glittering decorations have already…

Ok so it looks like to participate in this you will need two gallons on liquid (preferably milk), a supermarket, a camera, and perform your own stunt! Check out the instructional video below!

Here are some gift ideas for all of my last minute shoppers out there like myself! 2012 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her: 1. Jewelry 2. Beauty Products 3. Watches 4. Perfume 5. Clothes 6. Accessories 7. Candy 2012 Christmas Gift Ideas for Him: 1. Power Tools 2. Watches 3. Cologne 4. Accessories 5. Sports Items […]