When rapper Saigon and his baby mama Erica Jean appeared on the last season of “Love and Hip Hop,” audiences got to see exactly how…

Courtesy of VH1 Dot Com Time for everyone’s favorite weekly reality show, Love & Hip Hop NY.  In this week’s sneak preview, Saigon has a conversation with Erica about their son not being as vocal as other kids his age.  Saigon believes that the child should go see a doctor to get checked out for […]

Here is the tracklist and cover for Saigon’s third installment of the Warning Shots mixtape series Warning Shots 3: One Foot In The Grave. The artwork is by Karla Moy.  Warning Shots 3 will be available Tuesday January 24th. (spotted @TheSource) 1.)   One Foot In The Grave Intro Feat. Just Blaze (Produced by Saigon) 2.)   […]

Since you are what you eat, as a hip-hop junky in his 30s a lot of what is being served out there just isn’t palatable to  me. But thankfully my position at TheUrbandaily brings me in contact with sounds and artists that may have otherwise gone overlooked. Following the relative drought of music in 2010, […]

Every year since 2008, XXL Magazine has released a “Freshmen Class” issue, which consists of new rappers who have the potential to be breakout artists. These MCs have created a buzz for themselves via the internet, social media or by simply staying consistent and dropping mixtapes left and right. But where are they now? It’s […]

Rapper Saigon, p*ssed off an upcoming vixen, Taina when he called her a b*tch and a hoe after she wouldn’t let him “feel on her.” She says he is “A Disrespectful N*gga.” It all started when Saigon hit her up on Facebook eventually the two  got together at the club Greenhouse. She says he bought […]

Saigon has partnered with The Bowery Mission Homeless Shelter to help unfortunate New Yorkers during this year’s rough winter season. Earlier in the week, Saigon took to the streets of downtown Manhattan to hand out blankets to homeless people, in an attempt to keep them warm from the cold winter weather.

Saigon’s long-awaited album The Greatest Story Never Told is finally nearing its release date. Held up in label politics for several years, the album will hit stores in February.

Saigon has just leaked the title track to his official solo debut, The Greatest Story Never Told coming out February 17th. The track is one of many produced by Just Blaze for the project. Track list and credits are after the song. 1. Station Identification (Intro) Feat Fatman Scoop Produced By Just Blaze 2. The […] & director Court Dunn present the premiere installment of “REWIND”, a new music video series where artists have a second chance to go back in time and film their favorite record that never got a video. Dunn: “When I spoke to Saigon about premiering the new “REWIND” series, he chose to film “Together (Dear […]

Saigon’s album The Greatest Story Never Told will finally be in stores early next year, but he has a few tales that he’s willing to share now. In the next installment of our “5 Things You Didn’t Know” the BK MC shares his craziest onset story from Entourage, how many beats Jay-Z took from him, […]

From TheBVX Surprise, surprise: Another rapper is pissed off at his record label! This time, it’s Lupe Fiasco. Though commentary from his former friend/producer Prolyfic and his Twitter beef with Eskay of Nahright are making Lupe look like more of a crybaby than rebel, we’re giving him the benefit of the doubt.