Robert De Niro

Barbara Walters named the former Olympian the Most Fascinating Person of 2015 on her show, 10 Most Fascinating People.

In response to the controversial Deadline article, that questioned if the pendulum had swung too far in favor of ethnics being cast on television and…

Morris Chestnut is gearing up to star as the lead character in Fox’s upcoming drama pilot. Deadline is reporting, the untitled project, which was formerly known…

The Big Wedding is a comedy starring Robert De Niro, Katherine Heigl, and Diane Keaton and MANY more! This star studded cast is due to hit the big screen April 26th. Check out the trailer below:

This was funny to me! I’m like hold up??? Robert De Niro was hanging out in the club?! LOL… of course in ATL with T.I…. Tip must be trying to work out a movie deal because we all know Robert De Niro makes HOT movies! This was taken at an after party for a Trey […]

In the third installment of the hilarious Meet The Parents series, Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) is still trying to balance his family and a career in medicine while remaining in the “circle of trust” of his disapproving father Jack Byrnes, played by Robert De Niro. In addition to capturing the ultimate battle between son and […]

50 Cent will star opposite legendary actor Robert De Niro in the upcoming film Freelancers. The Academy Award winning De Niro recently was announced as a new cast member on the film.