“We used to fuss when the landlord dissed us / No heat, wonder why Christmas missed us / Birthdays was the worst days / Now we sip champagne when we thirsty.” – The Notorious B.I.G. Biggie, whose given name was Christopher Wallace, was only 24-years old at the time of his death in March of 1997, […]

Legendary rock star David Bowie has died. He was 69 years old.

Boom Moment In Hip-Hop On this date in 2009, J Dilla posthumous album, Jay Stay Paid, was released and mixed like a radio show by Pete Rock. It was released on Nature Sounds, and was Dilla’s fourth album overall. Even though vocals were contributed from several artists, it is classified as an instrumental hip-hop album. […]

 Eighteen years ago today we lost one of hip hop’s most legendary artists, Christopher Wallace; better known as the Notorious BIG. Several rappers including Diddy, Black Thought and Snoop Dogg took to social media today to remember the Brooklyn native for his contributions to the hip hop culture. #RIPBIG 18 years ago today! We miss […]

LMAO!!! I cannot stop laughing at this video! Dude really went in when Jeezy came on! Notice that the cigarette never leaves his mouth!

As Paul Wall would say This video had “the internet going nuts!” In a very Heated basketball game last night, tensions got real high & this may have been the result of some of LeBron’s frustrations! Peep the video below!     “HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE, YALL THOUGHT I WAS FINISHED?!?! Look at the […]