Rah Digga

Rah Digga explains why she was so fortunate not to have felt pressure to over-saturate her brand and content with sex when she first came out, around the same time as Foxy Brown and Lil Kim She explains what she did, however, feel pressure about from Busta Rhymes and some of her team, and what […]

Fierce MC Rah Digga talks with Monie Love & Ed Lover about the shift that occurred when Lil Kim and Foxy Brown broke onto the hip hop scene; both of their lyrics were written for them by prominent rappers, and their images were was more sexed up than the female rappers before them. Rah talks […]

Legendary rapper Rah Digga is best known for being a member of Busta Rhyme‘s Flipmode Squad. She came through to the studio to hang out with Ed Lover & Monie Love! She talks about what she says was her first official Rah Digga recording, in which she inserted herself into someone else’s beef to defend […]

Rah Digga found herself trending on Twitter Wednesday, but not for a reason she would have liked, like her music. The former Flipmode Squad MC became the talk of social media last night when she sent some subliminal shots at Nicki Minaj while chiming in on Kid Cudi‘s call-out of Drake and Kanye West for not […]

What would Huey and Riley Freeman have sounded like with Rah Digga’s voice? The Jersey MC paid a visit to TheUrbanDaily recently to talk about her most recent album with Nottz, Classic, and we dug a little bit into her extracurricular activities and acting aspirations. After starring in 2001’s 13 Ghosts we asked why she […]

Words by Mecca A lot of industry folks will tell you that it’s difficult to gather a fan base for female MCs. Since the Grammys eliminated the category all together a few years ago, the success of Nicki Minaj is seen more as a fluke than the norm. But the people behind those attitudes would […]

There are dozens, maybe hundreds of songs by female MCs that have earned their place in hip-hop history. But sometimes it’s not a whole song, just a verse, 8 to 16 bars that serve as defining moments for that MC.

If I had teachers that looked like this in school I’d have gotten NOTHING done. In this first visual off Digga’s upcoming project with Nottz, Classic, the Jersey spitter gets her sexy teacher on. Welcome back Rah!