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On a Lose One Wednesday, Ed Lover & Monie Love decided to tackle an age-old battle: if you had to pick one, would you pick Michael Jackson’s Thriller album, or his Off The Wall album? It’s an argument that has been had for decades, and a conclusion will probably never arise. Off The Wall was […]

  Not only is Justin Timberlake ruling the summer with Jay-Z as they trek around the country on their “Legends of the Summer” tour, he’s…

If you’re in the entertainment business, in any fashion, it’s safe to say Quincy Jones has had some influence on you. From creating some of the most memorable music in history to founding one of hip hop’s most loved magazines, Quincy Jones has done it all. WBW: Samples of History: Hip-Hop Mines Afrobeat In celebration […]

In the latest episode of “The Spark” Amanda Diva sits down with the legendary Quincy Jones to discuss his tribute CD, Soul Bossa Nostra. Like most of us Ms. Diva was scratching her head at the T-Pain remake of Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T” and we applaud her for respectfully calling him out on it. But Mr. […]

Jennifer Hudson has released “You Put A Move On My Heart. The single is pulled from Quincy Jones’ upcoming compilation album, “Q: Soul Bossa Nostra.” The original was sung by Mica Paris, and then again by Tamia. We love Jennifer Hudson, we do, but we’re not feeling this version. Her voice is excellent, as usual, […]

Quincy Jones brought in Ludacris to lay down vocals for the title track to his upcoming tribute album, Soul Bossa Nostra.

Everyone has signature headphones these days, but that’s not stopping Quincy Jones. He’s jumping on the bandwagon and is coming out with his own line of designer headphones.