Yandy Smith recalls what made her decide to get in front of the cameras of “Love & Hip-Hop“ after initially being a producer during the first season. She explains how the show, which started as something else entitled “Keeping Up With The Joneses,” went through a series of changes before becoming the show we know […]

Public Enemy is taking over the toy world with a new action figure box set.This should be fun and it looks great! The action figures along with the packaging were designed by Ed Piskor, he is the author of “The New York Times” Best-Selling “Hip Hop Family Tree,” an illustration of Hip Hop’s history. You […]

The Obama Administration sent out a letter to all public schools nationwide saying with guidelines to allow students to use the bathroom of the gender that they identify with. Though the letter says all public schools must abide by this legislation or lose their federal funding, the legislation does not specifically define who exactly fits […]

The 24 year old singer is reportedly angry that her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown has a new tattoo on his neck, which resembles her picture after he beat her  back in 2009! “He must’ve known what people would think. But that’s typical of Chris he never thinks about anyone but himself,” a source told British magazine Look. […]