Cardi B is one of the most honest entertainers and she just revealed another tidbit about herself. She admits that she finally got her breasts redone. Cardi told fans she was going to get them redone months ago in an Instagram video. She said then that daughter, Kulture f-d her up. Cardi also shared that […]

Quanna Brown, a mother of three, says she was in severe pain after the surgery as puss and infection began to settle in.

After shedding the baby weight and then some, Kim hit up Snapchat to flaunt her curves in teeny bikinis.

We knew Lil Kim fans were die-hard for her, so much so that she never has to get into a social media beef — they fight her battles for her.

K.Michelle thinks it’s time to make a change to her signature look, so she’s getting rid of her booty enhancements. Aside from her out-of-this-world vocal skills, K.Michelle has always been known for her curvaceous shape. It’s almost the first thing people notice about her appearance. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing for some entertainers, […]


Hazel E is recovering from a nose job and chilling in the arms of her new bae, Katt Williams. TMZ caught up with the Love…

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Khloe Kardashian says her weight loss is the result of hard work, not plastic surgery.


A Maryland woman is dead after a botched illegal butt injections operation.

It’s been almost 8 years since Donda West tragically died due to complications from surgery, and now the doctor who performed the procedure is speaking…

A family is mourning the loss of 45-year-old Simone Jones, who died during a plastic surgery procedure in New York last month. The family is seeking…