People To Watch Out For In 2013

Think of a “bona fide star,” a person who is seemingly a single breakthrough away from achieving their goals . This describes an individual whose talents are  “undeniable,”  and are already “there,” however they are just waiting for the rest of the world to discover them. Within the crowded field of those trying to “make it, ” there are […]

“People To Watch Out For in 2013” is not only about those who are house hold names and are at the brink of success , the mission is also to spotlight those who’s mark is to be made in the year 2013 , with that being said we proudly present someone who is guaranteed to make his mark , […]

In the very 1st installment  of  ‘People To Watch Out For In 2013’ I excitedly present to you funny man Clint Coley. Clint is a Comedian originally from Philadelphia but he’s “taken his talents to south beach” well actually LA, BUT we all know the song! Clint was crowned the “Prince of Comedy” by non other than the King Of Comedy himself D.L.  Hughley […]