Alicia Keys has been speaking out against societal norms since she hit the music scene over 16 years ago.

The company's mission is described as "to match the entire makeup universe" to drugstore dupes. So I decided to put them to the test.

With nail art and lacquer becoming more of a finishing accessory, more and more independent African-American brands have put their bid in for a slice…

Nail prints may be nothing new but NAIL ROCK DESIGNER NAIL WRAPS definitely stepped the game up. NAIL ROCK DESIGNER WRAPS founder, Zoe Pocock, was smart enough to understand that all 5 of your fingers don’t need the same design. NAIL ROCK’s Tribal Gold (pictured) showcase the line’s creativity with its use of  “old-school nail […]

Singer Monica has just signed a deal with Orly to produce her own nail polish line.The nail polish line, created in conjunction with her cousin, is called “Nail Inspirations.” Each bottle will contain an inspirational quote to remind us to stay encouraged, stay focused, enjoy life and know that hard times will come in many […]