One Syrian family is truly regretting their decision to elect the businessman as the new POTUS after his immigration ban.


U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly of the Eastern District of New York temporarily blocked President Donald Trump’s travel ban on Saturday.

An Ohio State University student crashed his vehicle into pedestrians this week before then attacking students with a butcher knife. The Somali-born student injured 11 people before he was fatally shot by police. Ed Lover & Monie Love discuss the circumstances behind the violent attack. Plus, they talk about being tasked with the responsibility of […]

Muslim women will no longer be able to wear their modest swimsuits on Cannes beaches.

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"When I would come into contact with people that I knew were going to vote for Trump -- I knew these were people who did not want minorities to succeed in this country."

William Celli, 55, is being held at the Contra Costa County Jail on a $525,000 bond after an anonymous caller tipped police off about Celli’s activities. The owner of a plumbing company was charged with possessing an explosive device and making criminal threats.

Donald Trump‘s latest ethnic condemnation has hit the Muslim community hard, launching a number of anti-Islam attacks and vitriolic speech from many Americans who don’t seem to understand that the religion is one of love. The Republican candidate’s views come in the midst of incidents surrounding those of radicalized and distorted Islamic faith, who owned the […]

Muhammed Ali isn't here for Donald Trump's discrimination of Muslims.

Chapel Hill shooting suspect Craig Stephen Hicks has been indicted for the Feb. 10 murders of three Muslim student. On Monday Hicks was charged with…