If you’re Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown with the ill na na, losing your bag at the airport is not only annoying, it’s expensive. Foxy says she arrived at LAX last week and attempted to retrieve her Gucci suitcase from baggage claim, but it was gone. To make matters worse, she says there was $100,000 worth […]


Randomly running across superstars in Los Angeles is inevitable, particularly if you work at LAX. Apparently one airport shuttle driver didn’t get the memo, though.…

According to USA Today, Kanye has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor battery and attempted grand theft in the case filed over a scuffle with paparazzi Daniel Ramos  at Los Angeles International Airport. Ramos says West punched him in an unprovoked attack and wrestled his camera to the ground over the summer back on July 19! […]


A dry ice bomb exploded at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Sunday evening, causing some flights to be halted and a bomb squad to be…

Courtesy of Rap Radar Dot Com According to TMZ, Kanye West has been charged with two misdemeanors for his attack on the paparazzi back at the LAX airport a few months ago where a photographer went to the hospital. He is being charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft.  If he gets convicted, Kanye would […]

Remember when Kanye was caught on camera tussling with the paparazzi at the airport?! Well it looks like Mr. West is getting off the “Felony” hook for that one. However, Yeezus still face possible misdemeanor charges. Keep fighting the good fight Kanye!