Larenz Tate

The eighth episode of Bronzville starts with a bang as Everett Copeland (Wood Harris) blames a missing Jimmy (Larenz Tate) for Casper’s death, asking for Jimmy’s head on a plate. Lisa Copeland (Tika Sumpter) tries to defend him, telling her older brother that Jimmy saved her life. Everett doesn’t realize he may be in the wrong until it […]

As Bronzeville continues, all of the South Side celebrates Everett Copeland’s (Wood Harris) release from prison after his two-year sentence for tax evasion ends. But Everett has concerns after he finds out that Curtis Randolph (Laurence Fishburne) is back in the game. Jimmy (Larenz Tate) meets with Mr. Faulkner and the two speak of Jimmy’s changing life. […]

In the fourth episode of the groundbreaking "podcast-movie" Bronzeville, Curtis Randolph (Laurence Fishburne) feels the weight of his influence when Reverend Thomas asks Randolph to give a local boy gainful employment, reminding him that wealth and power comes with great responsibility.

In the third episode of the new and exciting 'podcast-movie' Bronzeville The Copeland gang finds itself in trouble. Lisa makes a genius discovery and finds a loophole that could help their clients, the low-income residents of Bronzeville, and their business.

Episode 2 of Bronzeville is here, continuing the story of Jimmy Tillman’s early days in Chicago as he grows accustomed to the glamour and mystery of Chi-Town’s historically Black neighborhood of Bronzeville in the 1940s. In this episode, Everett Copeland (Wood Harris) finds himself in prison, and his brother Jesse (Omari Hardwick) struggles to keep the gangs […]

History becomes most vivid when it's told through stories, and that's exactly what Larenz Tate is betting on with his new series Bronzeville.

In this edition of Lose One Wednesday, Ed Lover proposes the choice between the 1991 film “Boyz N The Hood,” which starred Lawrence Fishburne, Cuba Gooding Jr., Nia Long, Ice Cube and Morris Chestnut, versus the 1993 film “Menace II Society,” which gave Larenz Tate his breakout role. Ed Lover breaks down everything that happened because […]

Larenz Tate is an amazing actor, so it’s no surprise rumors are swirling about him joining the cast of ABC’s hit show “Scandal.” Larenz addresses…

Popular actor Larenz Tate stars as Bird and Trane, identical twins on separate sides of the law in the new BET movie “Gun Hill.” Trane…

Courtesy Of MTV Rap Fix Tyrin Turner (Caine) and Larenz Tate (O-Dog) celebrate the 20th anniversary of the groundbreaking film by the Hughes Brothers, Menace 2 Society, which depicted the life of troubled black youths growing up in the urban city and the mentality they sustained based on their everyday experiences.  This movie came along the lines […]