kid n play

On a Lose One Wednesday, the tough question for all those hip-hop heads out there is: if you had to lose one, would it be Whodini or Kid ‘N Play? This is, of course, a tough question not only because of the sheer scope of influence for both Whodini and Kid ‘N Play, but because […]

Christopher “Kid” Reid and Christopher “Play” Martin were the members of Kid ‘N Play, a rap group known for their playful rhymes that dominated in the…

The 25-year anniversary of the release of House Party happened earlier this year (March 9) and seminal rap group Kid ‘N Play were right in the center…

I bet when Drake shot the video for “Started From The Bottom”, he never thought it would come to this! But a lot of things that Drake does have been taken too far by the internet lol. Enjoy!!!  

90’s hip-hop stars Kid ‘N Play will reunite tonight on TV One’s Way Black When for the series’ last night of reminiscing on the 1990s.

Christopher “Kid” Reid of Kid-N-Play is hosting Way Black When on TV One. The former MC and dancer was once known for having one of the highest hi-top fades in all of hip-hop. During TV One’s Upfront showcase asked him who was the true king of the hi-top fade; Kid or Larry Blackmon of […]

Music in the schools has been on the decline in more ways than one.  Now that everyone is gearing up to send their little ones back to the classroom (or reuniting with their long-distance loves in the dorms) I wanted to take a trip down memory lane to when school was cool enough to be […]