The first group of girls graduated from Oprah’s school in South Africa! Take a tour of the home she resides in when she in in South Africa!

According to New York Knicks star player  Amar Stoudemire, died in a car accident in Amar’s home town of Lake Wales, Florida this morning. The accident happened on Route 27 in Lake Wales. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Stoudemire was driving at a “high rate of speed” when he collided with the rear of […]

OMG!!! Willow Smith cuts all her hair off!!!! Click to see photos!!

Well let the divorce games begin!  According to Pilar Sanders told a judge that Deion Sanders left her broke and with no way to provide for their kids! She also claims that he has offered to give her money if she decides to give him sexual favors! The court papers state… “Since [Deion] filed […]

Well Nicki Minaj isn’t really banned from BET but her latest video is! According to, BET has decided to ban Nicki Minaj’s latest video, “Stupid Hoe.”  TMZ is reporting that sources in the company say it’s too explicit for television.

All of Lala’s fabulous friends were in support of the Mrs. Carmelo Anthony as she hosted a launch party for her new make-up line! Check out Trina, Lebron James’ wife to be, and more all looking simply lovely!

He will be in Philadelphia this Friday but while he is in Miami he likes to ride his bike to work! Check out Lebron James riding a bike to work!

Gabrielle Union has a home in California still but she spends most of her time with her baller boo “D Wade” of the Miami Heat in Miami! She recently told Ocean Drive Magazine what it was like to live her her superstar boyfriend! Click to get all the details! On life with Dwyane Wade in […]

I am not one that is big on face tattoos but I have to say I think Amber Rose pulled it off! Click to see Philly’s own Amber Rose’s new tat!

Drake, who does come from an acting background, told VH1 during the Sundance Music Festival that he would like to play Barack Obama on the big screen one day! Drake confessed that his on-screen talents are beyond the typical basketball player and rapper-based scripts he’s been receiving over the past couple of years. “I hope somebody […]

Did DMX’s baby momma try to kill him??? After eating a batch of shrimp that his child’s mother cooked for him he found himself very ill! DMX is expected to make a full recovery after  being rushed to a Charlotte hospital January 25 with food poisoning. DMX blamed a suspect batch of seafood for his […]

Jennifer recently revealed the reason why she is no longer “bff” with Evelyn to Sister 2 Sister magazine and Evelyn did NOT like her remarks! Oh boy!!! Things are getting juicy!  Read on to get all the drama! “Let me tell you what she’s mad over ‘cause this always comes up. She hates the fact […]