Baby number 2 on the way or nah? Well usually when Jay-z flips his lyrics around that kinda means something!Jay & Bey were in France for their “On the Run” tour and while Jay was performing”Beach is Better” he changed the lyric saying “pregnant with another one” instead of “I replace it with another one.” Watch the video below.

Well the rumor is that the power couple will be divorcing soon. Just from looking at these pictures though one would think otherwise right?! Looks to me like these 2 are very much in love and aren’t leaving one another’s side for a long time. I’m thinking “til death do us part”.  

  By now you should all new Super Producer Dj Mustard. He’s produced songs like Tyga’s Rack City, Young Jeezy’s R.I.P., Kid Ink’s Show Me, YG’s My Hitta, and so many more. Now it looks like Dj Mustard is about to add Jay-Z to that list. Word is that Jay hit Mustard up and was […]

So we all know Kanye West & Kim Kardashian are finally about to jump the broom and it seems as Kanye has picked a “Best Man”. Jigga Man that is lol. Not so fast though Kanye, Jay has one stipulation though. NO TV CAMERAS ARE ALLOWED if Jay-Z is to be the best man. Not […]

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Oh for the love of Maury! Eben Gregory just put us on to a new show called “The Test” which features those who are in need…

It has just been confirmed that the “Drunk in Love” Husband & Wife will be performing at the 56th annual Grammy Awards this Sunday! No word yet on which song they will perform but they’d be crazy not to do the obvious! The Grammys start at 8pm this Sunday on CBS!

This is definitly a picture perfect moment right here! Shout Out to Beyonce for sharing this personal moment with the entire world! One word, DOPE!

Okay,  by now you may have read the stories about the 2 African Americans who were allegedly discriminated against because of their race after purchasing items from Barneys New York. One was a 21 year old Nursing student who purchased a $2,500 Celine handbag & the other was a 19 year old technical college student who worked & […]

Uh Oh! This was awkward to watch. Jay paused not once, not twice, but 3 times before he let the hook ride out! Damn is Jay-z getting to old to rap?! You be the judge and watch below!

It seems as if those crazy satanic imagery videos about celebrities are not only for gullible web surfers. Recently Roc Nation’s own J.Cole admits to believing in those Illumaniti rumors before signing his big deal with Jay-Z during a radio interview. During his interview he states: “I’m a conspiracy theorist,” said Cole. “I believed those […]

Here is some of the Documentary in case you missed it! I’ll be checking it out once I get to the crib! Enjoy!