Jay Z and Beyonce had a heck of a 2014, with sell out shows all over the world and Blue Ivy stealing the spotlight from time to time. So we wanted to highlight some of the best images of Jay Z and Beyonce from 2014. Related Links: Beyonce Takes Naked Pics For Her Hubby Jay-Z 10 […]

YESSSSSSS!!!! We got you covered as the title says! Kyle @ The Club & Dj Greg Nitty are providing you with 5 hours of non- stop music &  The best part is there are absolutely no commercials! Whatever type of music you like, Greg Nitty has you covered! Enjoy! Hour 1 Hour 2 Hour 3 Hour […]

I can’t wait to hear the album! I know its going to be crazy! Watch Jay talk sbout the song Jay-z Blue below!

Beyonce has been all over the place in 2013. We’ve seen her performing at the Super Bowl, we’re seen her signing at the Presidential Inauguration, we even saw her bring Destiny’s Child back, but we haven’t seen many intimate pictures of her. Photos have been floating around the web of Beyonce naked just wearing Jay-z’s Roc-a-fella […]

Jay-Z and Beyonce may be married, but they are about to be fierce competitors at the 2010 BET Awards!