Check out Big Sean’s teaser for his single “IDFWU” below. Kanye West even has an appearance in the video!

The upcoming super hero sequel to the Superman series, Batman vs. Superman : Dawn of Justice may have a female role as Batman’s popular sidekick Robin.  Media reports claim that the actress rumored to play the Boy Wonder is Ms. Jena Malone from the Hunger Games.  Check out a photo of the actress below courtesy […]

Ok so after watching Drake play college ball I think its safe to say that he will be back in the studio like yesterday lol. How is it that Drake always ends up in these situations? At this point thought are we even surprised?! I can’t wait to see the Meme for this one! Watch […]

So back in 2012 X bought a crib with his then wife Tashera and that same year the half million dollar mortgage he took out went in default. Earl came to the rescue forking over $258,927.87 which saved the crib. Afterwards X reportedly said “Get At Me Dog!!” after he made the payment. Okay he didn’t […]

Courtesy of You Tube The music business can be a difficult profession to make money in, especially if your not an established artist.  RnB singer Erykah Badu doesn’t have that problem with multiple award winning albums and plenty of accolades.  However, on the streets of New York City, singing on the street may not be […]

Courtesy of Instagram Since they are best buddies and Justin Beiber walks him down to ringside during every fight, it is only right that the Beib get boxing lessons from the champ himself, Floyd “Money” Mayweather.  Justin Beiber went to his Instagram to post some of the sparring techniques that Mayweather was showing him.  Check […]

Wow! So comedian Lil Duval went 0-100 real quick on Bow Wow and his fiance Erica Mena! I mean the caption and Bow Wow’s face says it all! I know Bow isn’t gonna like this! I guess we shouldn’t look for Lil Duval to make an appearance on 106 and Park anytime soon huh?

  Damn looks like there is trouble brewing over at YMCMB! Rapper Tyga took to twitter with his frustrations about the label and how they are holding his album hostage. I guess Nicki Minaj wasn’t feeling the shade so she hit that unfollow button ASAP! Is this the beginning of the end for Young Money?! […]

Meet the newest smart car the Tesla P85d! This car can go 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds! It also has an auto pilot feature which allows you to take your hands of the wheel and feet off the pedals. Camera’s and sensors know when there are stop signs, speed changes, and braking cars ahead of […]

Jessica Vanessa is a former kindergarten teacher who isn’t doing what she went to school for. Jessica has quit her teaching job and become a professional twerker! Her videos can be seen all over Vine and says she makes at least 6 figures for appearances online. She’s even made enough money to pay off her […]

Will Smith stars as Nicky, a seasoned con man who becomes romantically involved with a rookie con artist Jess (Margot Robbie) and gets too close! The movie hits theaters in 2015 and it looks dope. You might remember Margot Robbie from Wolf of Wall Street. Watch the trailer below!

  On Wednesday a flight leaving from Philadelphia International Airport was delayed due to a 54 year old man sneezing and joking that he had the EBOLA Virus! The plane had to sit on the runway for an hour and was inspected by hazmat crews before it could takeoff for its destination of Punta Cana. […]