One man’s opinion does not have to become your reality – Les Brown If you want to experience true happiness, you can’t live your life just to please others. Don’t sacrifice your joy to satisfy the opinions of others. Instead, DO YOU! Pursue the path that makes YOU happy and stop worrying about what everyone […]

James Brown was born in Barnwell, South Carolina on May 3, 1933 to Susie Brown and Joseph (“Joe”) Gardner (who changed his surname to Brown after Mattie Brown who raised him). Although Brown was to be named after his father Joseph, his first and middle names were mistakenly reversed on his birth certificate. He therefore […]

Controversy? What controversy? It was 2009 when Chris Brown and ex-girlfriend Rihanna had a “situation” the night before both were scheduled to appear at the 51st Grammy Awards. Last night, none of that mattered, because Breezy simply focused on MUSIC! Followed by a win for Best R&B Album with F.A.M.E. WINNING!!!

Sarah Obama was traveling to her home in the western Kenya village of Kogelo, when her vehicle lost control and rolled as her driver attempted to overtake a truck near the Kisumu airport.