Though hip-hop is great, the same can’t be said for every song that has come out of it. In this edition of the Certified Top 5, the morning show crew takes a look at some of the worst hip-hop songs in the history of the genre. While some of them are so bad that they […]

In this edition of the trending topics, the morning show cast goes in on what is perhaps the funniest hashtag they’ve ever chosen! Using the hilarious hashtag, #NameYourPrivatePartsAfterHipHopSongs, they pick some hip-hop songs that they would use to name their nether-regions. Needless to say, the picks get creative, strange, and hilarious! Click on the audio […]

While many rappers preferred to talk about gang banging, drug dealing and cop killings, some took a high road to expose the world to the ghettos of America. These rappers probably figured crime doesn’t pay early on, and chose to create lyrical content that encouraged fans in a positive way. Here’s Hip-Hop’s top five songs […]