Rapper Trinidad James who is known for his hit single “All Gold Everything”, recently tweeted this to his fans “I should tell y’all, I got dropped from the label. My album is now free. If you hear your beat or verse on it, I hope you want dap cuz I got no money.” I’m sure […]

Courtesy of SOHH Dot Com Despite the controversy surrounding the Barney’s department store in NYC that racially profiled against a customer that brought a designer belt with his own money and was eventually arrested, Jay Z is still going ahead with his partnership with Barneys, and will be releasing a fragrance called Gold.  The fragrance […]

  Everyone has their own way of honoring those who have lost their lives. Some ways are deemed classier than others, but who are we…

Philly’s Hottest DJ, DJ Damage, Catches up with new rap sensation Trinidad James to talk about fashion. Trinidad James gives advice to up and coming clothing brands, expresses his thoughts on rappers Slutting out Gold , and gets personal with his love for foot wear.

Philly’s own Kevin Hart just doesn’t stop! The movie comes out next year on Valentine’s Day & I think this will definitely be a hit! It seems like everything Kevin touches nowadays turns into gold!

Gold and silver were tIn times of troubles, some look to friends, some prayer, some party, and smart investors buy precious metals like gold and silver. With gold hitting a record $1600 per ounce this week and silver heading up towards the previous May high, it looks like the investment community is nervous and seeking […]