Denzel Washington is widely believed to be one of the greatest actors to ever do it.

From documentaries to coming-of-age stories, here are the most anticipated movies coming out of the Sundance Film Festival.

Faizon Love explains that which films people know him for changes depending on the region.

Cedric The Entertainer explains why he still makes sure to perform onstage regularly even though he has struck it big with comedic projects on film and television. He says that the freedom of performing onstage keeps him sharp for working on-camera. He details also how his particular brand of comedy has changed over the span […]

When Alex Haley‘s remake of the Roots debuted on television in 1977, it sent a shockwave through America. Never before in the history of American television had people seen that story portrayed in that way before. It also made history by being the most watched miniseries in the history of television- and it still holds […]

Nas teamed up with Sony Pictures Consumer Marketing, along with some top of the line brands, to release a Ghostbusters clothing line. Celebrating the highly anticipated all-female reboot heading to theaters sometime this year, the clothing line is also a personal ode to movies for Nas, who says he’s a longtime Ghostbusters fan himself. According to Vibe, the collection […]

British songbird Rita Ora is all about diversifying her income. The singer was recently cast in the film adaptation of the sexy book series “Fifty…