Kamir Harris, A Philadelphian animator known as "muthafnfame267" tells the story behind his animated web series #ThatFamousCorner.

Paris Jackson recently got a taste of what her dad use to go through when it comes to paparazzi and having his personal space invaded. On Wednesday, the young daughter of Michael Jackson was chased through the airport by photogs and asked questions about her recent interview with Rolling Stone, in which she shares some […]

As the rapper Tity Boi on Disturbing Tha Peace, ATL rapper 2 Chainz was used to walking through airports calmly while his friend Ludacris got…

Amber Rose was in studio with Kendra G and they talked about her new song “FAME” featuring Wiz Khalifa and OF COURSE they discussed Kanye West…she called him an “a-hole” and discussed the backlash she received post break up and so much more… [ooyala cybzNhMzrPTdyDt-_6xrxsfLVDBGdEkD 610 343 0 nolink]

Chris Brown is currently celebrating the release of his fourth album F.A.M.E and dealing with the relentless media mayhem surrounding a temper tantrum after a Good Morning America interview with Robin Roberts. GMA invited Chris back to the show after the tirade, to further milk the troubled singer’s situation. While many wonder what the next […]

Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images During his interview with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts, Chris Brown was asked multiple times about the incident with Rihanna and he tried to dance around the questions. Robin revisited the question and again Chris responded by promoting his album “F.A.M.E.,” which hits stores today! Reports are saying that after […]

Chris Brown is working his way back into our hearts and into our ears with a new album.