27 year old Sean Fallon-Nebbia, is charged with biting off a portion of his younger brother’s ear during a fight! Sean was hosting a Super Bowl party and both were drinking when play fighting turned violent. 26 year old Frank Fallon-Nebbia was punched 7 times in the face by his older brother and as a result was […]

Ross recently bought former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield’s crib in Fayetteville Georgia. It includes a 350,000 gallon outdoor pool, bowling alley & baseball field. Hoyfield lost the home to foreclosure. Priced at $10 million, Rozay reportedly bought it for $2.5 million. Party at Ross Crib! Like 5 of them jawns!

Evander Holyfield’s daughter Evette, who is a stylist and designer was recently interviewed by Essence.com and talks about being a 27 year old virgin in this day and age. I THINK THAT’S AWESOME! Check out some of what she shared… On why she decided to be abstinent until marriage? We grew up in a Christian […]