Yes, the Cowboys straight up crippled the Giants defense during that final seconds-long drive. But to do so, Cowboys needed a lot more seconds than they would’ve gotten…

At this point who else is waiting for them to drop a mixtape?!?! Or Nah? Lol. Just jokes people, just like the 2 Super Bowl winning brother’s New song titled “Fantasy” in which they proclaim their love for Football. Check out the video below! Is it me or did Eli Manning get into it with […]

Saturday May 5th Rihanna will be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live hosted by Superbowl Champion quaterback Eli Manning. Let’s hope she does her Shy Ronnie skit….that never gets old. Below is a skit for tonights show CLICK TO WATCH Rihanna and Eli Manning on Saturday Night Live  

There are those that believe Peyton Manning will go down in history as the best quarterback of all time. That would be like saying Dan Marino is a better Quarterback than Joe Montana or John Elway. Eli Manning may never be considered the best quarterback of all time, but he is the best Manning to […]