Denzel Washington is widely believed to be one of the greatest actors to ever do it.

Ilyasah Shabazz remembers what her father, Malcolm X, was like.

Ricky Bell talks about New Edition's decision to vote Bobby Brown out of the group.

RL & Terri J. Vaughn came to hang with Ed Lover & Monie Love on the 1-year anniversary of the show!

SWV's Lelee & Ed Lover recall how their relationship ended.

On an FOH Friday, callers dedicated their FOH’s to Ed Lover himself, to a wife who took her husband out for a girlfriend’s happy hour that last too long, an ex-wife who sent her kid over to her dad’s house without proper winter entire, people who medal in other people’s business, and more! Click on […]

When George Lopez came through to the “Ed Lover Show,” he explained his journey of finding his voice as a comedian, and how Ed has done so himself. He talks about growing up watching Ed Lover on MTV, and how Ed’s authentic voice contributed to the success and widespread influence of that show. George also […]

At the 1995 Source Awards in New York, Suge Knight accepted the award for Best Motion Picture Soundtrack, which Death Row’s “Above The Rim” was responsible for winning. Suge’s speech was less than a minute long, but he said enough with the tail end to ignite a war: “Any artist out there wanna be artist, […]

After running a campaign which was ultimately fueled by hatred, racism and bigotry, Donald Trump has started to back down from some of his more outlandish promises. Some have long suspected that Trump and his bold statements would eventually have to give way to some sort of a more presentable political appearance during his time […]

Now that Donald Trump is going to be the next President of the United States, he’s getting his team together to help run the country after his inauguration next year. While not everything is set yet, the Trump administration has asked Ed Lover to be the Ambassador of the Black People, to act as a […]

Ed Lover and Monie Love are left to their own devices on a Beenie Man track, so of course they are doing what they do best- remixing the song entirely. When it’s time for Monie Love to spit some fire- in her absolutely flawless Jamaican Patois, of course -even Ed Lover has to take a […]