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It looks like Omarion IS he father of baby boy, Megaa. Reports surfaced that he broke up with his child’s mother, Apryl Jones, because she…


Courtesy of SOHH Dot Com Rapper Flo-Rida was sued last year by a video vixen model claiming that he fathered her child.  Well, fast foward to now and the dna tests are in allegedly suggesting that Flo-Rida is indeed the father of the child….queue Maury!  Anyways, the woman was trying to file for a special support called […]

On Tuesday, a judged ordered a DNA test to determine if Mike  is the father of Pamela Smith’s 16 year old son Taj. Jordan says he’s not the dad & says that her ex is the father of the child. This is heating up! I wonder what his bride to be thinks of all this?!