I’m not sure who asked for all of these remixes but I know it wasn’t me. I still like the original the best. Check out the Kanye West version, The Weeknd, Diplo and just added T.I. versions below Below is The Weeknd’s version Click HERE for Kanye West’s version Below is Diplo’s version And just added…the KANG T.I. So […]

Shout out Billboard Diplo took to Twitter to clarify that it was a song, not album, that he was referring to when saying that a “record” that he worked on for Beyoncé may have been “scrapped.” The wait is far from over for Beyoncé’s forthcoming album. Major Lazer producer Diplo, who worked with Beyoncé on […]

They say politics makes for strange bedfellows. Someone should amend that statement to music makes for strange bedfellows. British producer Diplo collaborated on a song…

Usher seems to be back in the studio making some more hits with mega-producers and writers, Pharrell, Jim Jonsin, and Diplo. Singer-songwriter Miguel may also have some songwriting credits since he’s been doing some writing for the R&B veteran. We’ll just have to wait and see what Usher has in store for 2012!!