The Brooklyn rapper appeared in court alongside attorney Alex Spiro after allegedly getting caught with a shank while in prison.

Rapper Azealia Banks continued her tradition of making headlines for the wrong reasons when she was kicked out of a hotel party for Russell Crowe. Reports say her behavior inside the party was absolutely insane and embarrassing- she even unleashed some violent threats -which is why Russell Crowe himself ejected her from the shindig. In […]

After dealing with Atlantic Records for more than a decade, Atlanta rapper T.I. is taking his Grand Hustle stable of talent to another major label.…

Everyone knows Wiz Khalifa has been screaming “Taylor” ever since he touched the microphone. He is known for rocking “Chuck Taylors” to symbolize his movement. Now he can officially say he is “Taylor” landing a sneaker with the converse brand. He Tweets: FInally got my converse deal!!! Im fuccin amped! I did an add for […]