Angelina and Brad called it quits, but we've still got some great celebrity couples to admire.


Amazing news for the inspiring couple.

Ed Lover says he’s going to become a scholar and write a book about dating for women. He says he’s got all the real-world experience, as someone who’s gone through divorce and a lot of serious relationships. While the book isn’t finished yet, he spells out some of the chapters and gives a little bit […]

From hang time in the hammocks to beautiful beaches, check out photos from their beautiful island getaway.

Over the past few weeks, rumors have been circulating that Birdman, aka Bryan “Baby” Williams, is dating R&B legend Toni Braxton. Since Birdman and Toni are both celebs who keep their lives private, the nature of their relationship has mainly consisted of speculation—until now. One of Braxton’s recent “Favorites” on Twitter may give us some insight. A fan tweeted a photo […]

A solid relationship is grounded in friendship, and that looks to be the case for hip-hop super couple Diddy and Cassie.