Charleston shooting

In this special edition of the NewsOne Top 5 we take a look at the top news stories during a summer that gave us plenty to talk about and reflect on. Read more about them, below.

  The tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina, was felt throughout Black America and beyond. Even one of the biggest icons of today was affected by this, and made…

As it turns out, Dylann Roof had a pretty racist manifesto. Anyone who had any doubts before, can stop pretending this isn't about race now.

Can someone explain how a judge who has used racial slurs in the past is presiding over this trial?

Hip-hop mogul Russel Simmons recently stopped pass a local New York radio station to comment on the tragic shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. Russel Simmons shared his thoughts on Donald Trump, Mayor De Blasio, and the racial and economic divide America faces today. During the interview, he also discusses the racial concerns during the Run DMC […]

In the wake of the tragedy, civil rights activist Al Sharpton released this statement.