When Jay Z describes how hard he balls — he means it. The business mogul’s latest endeavor will have everyone wanting to step their money up for a bottle of that Ace of Spades. According to Bloomberg.com, Armand de Brignac announced on Monday that it would be releasing a new edition of the company’s iconic […]


Courtesy of CNN Dot Com Woman accidentally swallows a $5K diamond at a champagne raffle, where the winner that finds the real diamond in their drink gets to keep it.  The jeweler went and checked all the dud pieces to find out the real one was missing.  The lady that swallowed found out the news […]

It’s January 3rd and we’re STILL seeing videos and pictures from Friday night/Saturday morning. Here’s a round-up of performances: First up is Jay-Z and Beyonce performing in Vegas. Chris Martin from Coldplay, Kanye and John Mayer joined them on stage as well. Bey and Jay were reportedly paid $2 Million for TWO songs. Must be […]