Not only is Manti Te'o's new girlfriend real, but she's also pretty hot.

The entertainment industry is truly a small world. Everybody  has had some sort of interaction with each other in the business. Some of those ties…

So last night on an episode of Catfish a guy was impersonating Bow Wow to get with a Bow Wow fan! Bow Wow shared how he felt about this and said he feels honored that someone would go that far. He also invited them both onto 106 & Park because he would like to ask […]

Back to the question on everybody’s freaking mind htf u still getting catfished in 2013?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Really?!?!?!?!?! Anyway this chick swore she was dating/talking/sexting/etc Bow-Wow. He reacts to the popular MTV show with this statement below

Courtesy of SOHH Dot Com When your famous, everyone once to capitalize off of that fame.  Look no further then Antoren Bell.  This 18 yr. old was impersonating rapper Chief Keef in Florida last month when he attempted to steal a woman’s car after flashing a gun, but he did not get very far in the vehicle.  Why?  Because he […]

  This song happens to a lot of people, the tell told in this one sounds like a movie!!! Pretty hot song check it out!  

The plot just continues to thicken when it comes to Manti Te’o‘s story about being the victim of a girlfriend hoax. Te’o recently admitted he…