Imagine doing some Christmas shopping and then looking over and seeing Beyonce doing the exact same thing next to you in Target. Well, that’s exactly what happened to a few fans the other day at the Target in San Clemente, California.

  Blue raps for 45 seconds, “Everything, everything is my only single thing / Everything I hear is my answer…I never hear that / I be in the posse / Never seen a ceiling in my whole life.”

Even though Easter is weeks away, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy are already in the holiday spirit.

Blue Ivy was chilling on a balcony in NOLA when she was spotted by some fans, but it’s her reaction that has the Internet laughing out loud. The short clip of Blue is already being turned into a meme. And the Internet is undefeated. RELATED STORIES: Beyonce, Jay Z & Blue Ivy’s Family […]

The couple – who had a very tumultuous 2016 – seem to be back to their old selves, from posting on social media again, to reuniting with Jay Z and Beyoncé.

Baby Blue wasn't the only person to take over the holiday, a lot of other folks killed it with their costumes.

Celebrities don’t play during All Hallows’ Eve. Here’s a look at some of Halloween 2016’s real MVPs.