Jordan Peele’s latest movie “Us” is a bonafide box-office hit. The film made $70 million over the weekend to top the box-office charts. The big opening passed “A Quiet Place” for the largest weekend for an original horror movie.

With the Valentine’s Day weekend upon us many folks will be looking for a flick to cuddle up with. But what are the choices? The sad fact is that seeing two Black people in love (or even lust) on the big screen is becoming more and more rare. Remember when it felt like we had […]

The prestigious Hollywood Black Film Festival, dubbed “The Black Sundance” has announced its lineup for the 2011 Festival which will happen October 27-30th. The Festival will screen 51 films, including 9 feature films, 11 documentaries and 27 short films. The feature films include, “Rocksteady” a movie about the son of a Jamaican immigrant who becomes […]

How many of you have watched a movie and literally laughed until you started crying?  If the answer is yes, you were probably watching one of the movie titles listed below. TUD has compiled a list of 10 funny black movies. These movies provide nothing but laughs from beginning to end.  Most of the movie […]

Christmas is right around the corner, which means it’s time to begin pondering gift ideas. Buying a loved one his or her all-time favorite movie or TV show series on DVD or Blu-ray Disc is a popular choice nowadays, because they’re relatively inexpensive and can last a lifetime. But what if the big retailers in […]