After a scandalous year of their marriage, Bishop Eddie Long‘s wife Vanessa Long has filed for divorce from the pastor accused of having sex with young men. UPDATE: After making the announcement about her intention to divorce Bishop Long, Vanessa has rescinded her petition. Something is very fishy… UPDATE #2: The divorce is technically back […]

During his sermon this past Sunday, Bishop Eddie Long received a stripper-style stack of cash from a young woman who attends his church. Now I have no clue if this was planned or not but the young woman just came out of nowhere and handed him the stack of cash. I guess this is how […]

Anthony Weiner’s lewd photos exploded on twitter last week. Anthony Weiner admitted to sending lewd photos via Twitter and  Bishop Eddie Long remains silent on church sex scandal, although racy photos were released. The proof is in the pictures — but who’s scandal is bigger? Take a look at our comparison gallery and tell us […]

An attorney involved in the sexual misconduct lawsuits against New Birth Missionary Baptist Church pastor Bishop Eddie Long told the that the parties involved have settled the matter. Barbara Marschalk, who represents New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and LongFellows Youth Academy, told the AJC that she expects the lawsuits to be dismissed by close […]

Bishop Eddie Long, the Georgia megachurch pastor, has reached an out-of-court settlement with the four young men who accused him of sexual abuse, representatives for both sides said Thursday May 26th. Today B.J. Bernstein, the attorney representing the men, said in a statement that the lawsuits against Long and his church have “been resolved.” Bernstein’s two-paragraph […]

According to, Bishop Eddie Long’s controversial case is over. B.J. Bernstein, the lawyer who vocally represents the four men who accused Bishop Long of sexual misconduct has confirmed that a settlement has been met. Additionally, Barbara Marschalk, the lawyer representing New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and LongFellows Youth Academy stated that the “lawsuits will be […]

Bishop Long has begun his forty days of reflection and penance early by taking a pay cut and beginning mediation.

Bishop Eddie Long is known for his work in the pulpit, and infamous for the allegations of sexual misconduct against him. But did you know that he’s made two high profile appearances? In 2007 he gave a powerful sermon in Tyler Perry’s “Daddy’s Little Girls,” and in 2008, he appeared on the first season of […]

The Nov/Dec issue of faith-based glossy Gospel Today is catching flack from some of its subscribers who take issue with Bishop Eddie Long being featured on its cover. With a headline that reads: “Bishop Eddie Long At The Center of The Scandal That Rocked The Church World;” the magazine is being accused of downplaying the […]

With the cloud of sexual allegations hanging over Bishop Eddie Long’s head, the embattled pastor can take comfort in the fact that he has the support of his congregation, and most importantly, the support of his wife Elder Vanessa Long. On September 26th, when Bishop Long spoke publicly for the first time after being accused […]

There’s been a new entry in Bishop Eddie Long’s Dirty Dog Diary… The first hearing in the case was held in Atlanta Friday and although Long DENIED ever having sex with any of the four men who have made allegations against him, both sides have expressed their desire to resolve the case without going to […]

Bishop Eddie Long gets the top 5 treatment from the “Star & Buc Wild Morning Show,” and you might not admit to laughing out loud at these, but you will laugh! RELATED: Bishop Eddie Long: Crunk For Christ [VIDEO] RELATED: Hear What Star & Buc Wild Had To Say To Maino [AUDIO] RELATED: Author Says […]