Well the rumor is that the power couple will be divorcing soon. Just from looking at these pictures though one would think otherwise right?! Looks to me like these 2 are very much in love and aren’t leaving one another’s side for a long time. I’m thinking “til death do us part”.  

  Jay-Z might want to “Watch The Throne”, Beyonce was looking at another King! Lol just jokes, but watch it for yourself. Bey got caught straight up!

It has just been confirmed that the “Drunk in Love” Husband & Wife will be performing at the 56th annual Grammy Awards this Sunday! No word yet on which song they will perform but they’d be crazy not to do the obvious! The Grammys start at 8pm this Sunday on CBS!

Beyonce was performing in Australia when she saw a member of the audience using his iPhone to FaceTime a friend who couldn’t make it to the show. Beyonce told the crowd, “This is a first. He’s doing FaceTime right now.” She reached down and grabbed his cell phone so she could greet his lucky friend […]

Beyonce had a pretty busy weekend! Performing in Brazil then off to LeBron James wedding then back to Brazil to perform only to get just about snatched off the stage by a fan!!!! Check out the video below & how Julius (bodyguard) was quick to jump up to beat dude down. Oh……I think Bey (maybe […]

Wow! This guy was really excited! he clearly almost fainted! I wonder how much he paid for those tickets?!

Here is some of the Documentary in case you missed it! I’ll be checking it out once I get to the crib! Enjoy!

At a fundrasiser held by Jay-z & Beyonce for President Barack Obama, The POTUS took a picture & well see for yourself below! To quote Jay-z “How Cool Is He?”